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Water & Waste Water

AITS helps W/WW customers in making the most benefit out of their SCADA Applications and the millions of datapoints stored in their respective Historian Systems. With our SCADA-Business Intelligence Integration Solution W/WW customers can improve their operational efficiency, compare plant to plant performance, reduce the overall maintenance cost, the chemical usage and electricity consumption, and many other benefits.

Water utilities require more efficient methods of engineering, optimization of energy supply, and contextualized compliance monitoring as they seek to expand the availability of water to the general population at an affordable price.


Power Line - Industrial Software & System Integration

Power & Utilities

AITS assists utility customers to stay in touch with their turbines and their remote renewable energy assets.

Utilities, both public and private, are investing in technology to reduce costs, drive efficiency, increase competitive advantage and support emerging business models. They are looking for better ways to collect, analyze and act on increasingly larger data stores.

Intelligent Infrastructure

Information systems are becoming a key part of modern buildings and energy management practice. Building Managers, Data Center Operators, Smart Cities Managers, and Transportation Authorities can rely heavily on AITS Solutions to set goals, track performance and communicate results.

Key Performance Indicators related to electricity consumption(motors, heaters, chillers, etc…) and other forms of energy consumptions (gas, water, chilled water and steam) will provide energy managers the information they need to correct deviations from target goals.

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operations management software


During production, our Operations Management Software allows to manage work order execution, enforce products built to specification, and capture the entire execution detail for tracking of real-time and historical material, labor consumption, lots, WIP inventory, waste, yield and finished good totals, along with several other important production events. With the production tracking feature build a complete genealogy tree for all production activities.

Our OEE solution allows you to monitor the efficiency of your production lines, manage your waste and production uptime.

Oil & Gas

AITS helps Oil and Gas customers in increasing the efficiency and productivity of their assets. Whether in offshore, onshore, pipelines, Gas processing, LNG, Refineries, AITS has the solution.

In upstream oil and gas production, this new level means extending the life of the wells and operating more efficiently. In upstream processing, it means operating more reliably and more efficiently. And in refining and petrochemical operations it means improving reliability and efficiency as well, but it also means staying competitive by finding new flexibility to process a greater variety of crude oils. The ability to switch from gasoline to diesel fuel production quickly, for example, can have significant bottom-line benefits

Oil Refinery Management Systems