The Rise of Automation
Written by Carla Al Jurdi

History of automation: Though we tend to think of automation as a modern phenomenon, its history is quite extensive. The word “automation” in the manufacturing sense, was coined by…  Read More

5 Key Takeaways from Decades of Successful Asset Management
Written by Wilco Hekkert

Learn how to bring your Asset Management Strategy to the next level
I still remember the “aha” moment as it unfolded during one of my favorite Assessment assignments. Read More

AVEVA Asset Performance Management
Written by Nader El Hammad

Markets are becoming so competitive and pressure on margins is ever increasing. Improving operational efficiency and increasing assets’ lifecycle and reliability is everywhere on the agendas of industrial organizations.  Read More

From the Edge to Enterprise & Everything in Between
Written by Melinda Corley

Industrial Digital Transformation can mean very different things to different companies depending on the needs of the business and where you fall on the digital maturity curve. Read More

Maximizing Returns on Digital Investments
Written by Abdallah Abdallah

A recent project by the World Economic Forum, Maximizing Returns on Digital Investments, explores the unclear relationship between IT investment and productivity.  Read More

The Cities of the Future
Written by Abdallah Abdallah

With the fourth industrial revolution, the role of the cities in driving economic growth is ever-increasing, and urban areas are attracting more people looking for opportunities for a better life.  Read More