Markets are becoming so competitive and pressure on margins is ever increasing. Improving operational efficiency and increasing assets’ lifecycle and reliability is everywhere on the agendas of industrial organizations. Hence, the need to prevent costly failures, reduce downtime, and focus on shaping what’s next, has become key imperatives for them.

Luckily there are new ways to manage assets, more innovation in the workforce and more opportunities to harness data insights as just a few of the benefits what digital transformation brings.

Digital transformation unlocks the potential of assets and empowers organizations to adopt advanced Asset Performance Management strategies by leveraging industrial big data, Cloud, artificial intelligence, digital twin, and augmented reality.

Using a comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM), organizations can monitor their assets to identify, diagnose and prioritize impending equipment problems — continuously and in real time. This enables companies to reduce unscheduled downtime, prevent equipment failures, reduce maintenance costs, increase asset utilization, extend equipment life and identify underperforming assets.

Therefore, and in case you are still counting on a reactive approach for maintaining the assets of your organization, take a minute to answer the following:

  • How many high value assets/equipment you have? And how critical is your business process?
  • What is the value of your early unplanned downtime?
  • Have you ever considered improving your assets lifetime?
  • How keen you are about the safety and efficiency of your equipment?
  • Are you analyzing your assets data historized to evaluate options and make informed decisions?
  • Our customers are achieving 30% reduction in maintenance costs, 25% improvement in workforce efficiency and 25% reduction in unplanned downtime, thanks to AVEVA APM!!