AVEVA Development Studio

Formerly Wonderware Centralised management for supervisory SCADA and HMI… simplified

About AVEVA Development Studio


AVEVA Development Studio provides an integrated engineering environment for all supervisory SCADA, HMI, and MES application development. The unified engineering environment enables developers to build highly maintainable HMI and SCADA applications and shorten time-to-market.

Digital Transformation Across HMI SCADA

What is AVEVA Development Studio?


Different engineers developing supervisory SCADA and HMI applications over many years are likely to vary in their design practices. This lack of standardization leads ultimately to higher redesign and maintenance costs.
AVEVA Development Studio is an engineering environment for developing, maintaining, and managing applications. It provides a shared development environment that helps you drive standards and best practices across your company.

Reduce HMI Engineering Cost and Effort

AVEVA Development Studio offers an intuitive graphic editor that enables the creation of a full range of real-time process graphics and visualizations, from amazingly vivid graphics to best-practice situational awareness symbols. The template-based approach to HMI engineering enables the reuse of data across multiple applications while encouraging the adoption of company standards. Moreover, Development Studio supports collaboration, so engineers, operators, and IT teams can collaborate to create more effective HMIs in less time.

Drive Enterprise-Wide Standardization

AVEVA Development Studio uses a single unified Plant Model that logically represents your processes, physical equipment, and industrial systems to make the design and maintenance of your HMI SCADA systems more consistent and efficient. This drives company-wide standards throughout your plant or from one site to another.

Improve System Maintainability

AVEVA Development Studio extends system lifecycle and maintainability through centralized application management and deployment in networked environments. Any change or modification to an application can be automatically propagated throughout the enterprise. This saves engineering time, increases consistency and minimizes errors, while providing ultimate flexibility.

Deliver Richer Customized Application Content

AVEVA Development Studio extensibility enables customers to build richer applications with limitless customization by leveraging new data sources and integrating disparate silos of information.

Cloud-based Sandbox

AVEVA Development Studio also includes access to Integration Studio, an infrastructure-as-a-service development environment that facilitates greater collaboration, rapid project creation, project archival, scalability on-demand, and the ability to manage multiple Wonderware development projects simultaneously.