AVEVA Electrical and Instrumentation

Create instrumentation and electrical drawings, schematics, data sheets. Integrate with ETAP for detailed calculation and 3D for cable routing

Deliver mature deliverables from the FEED stage through to Detailed Design

AVEVA Electrical and Instrumentation delivers real-time collaboration between the electrical and instrumentation project disciplines. Data and high-quality deliverables are shared delivering accuracy and efficiency from the front-end to the detailed design phases of a project.

AVEVA Electrical and instrumentation has been designed to make life easier for your engineers and ultimately add value to your business. The product shares the same platform as AVEVA Unified Engineering, which is available on our secure cloud platform AVEVA™ Connect and can be configured with third-party tools, making it flexible and efficient to deliver projects effectively.

Features and Capabilities

Seamless integration with your 3D model

Accurately execute cable routing and equipment layouts in a 3D environment


Collaboration with consistency
Enable multi-discipline teams to collaborate globally to increase efficiency and quality

Create mature deliverables

Have greater confidence in your engineering data ensuring a right-first-time methodology

Assurance and compliance

Providing data accuracy and the assurance your business is fully compliant with the latest standards