AVEVA Historian

Capture and store high-fidelity industrial big data, to unlock trapped potential for operational improvements

Big data – collection, storage and analysis

Capture and store high-fidelity industrial data. AVEVA TM Historian is a high-performance process database capable of storing the huge volumes of data generated from today’s industrial facilities.

AVEVA Historian combines advanced data storage and compression techniques with an industry-standard query interface to ensure open access to your process, alarm, and event data. It enables faster, more informed decisions while keeping your team fully informed on operational performance.

Industrial data management


AVEVA Historian is the first, large-volume plant data historian to unite high-speed data acquisition and storage with traditional relational database management.


Required Data Storage Space


Million Tags





Maintaining business continuity

High availability, full redundancy, and disaster recovery options keep your business running continuously.

A complete picture of operational history

Unlike conventional relational databases that are not well-suited to production environments, AVEVA Historian handles time-series data, as well as alarm and event data. Unique “block technology” captures plant data hundreds of times faster than a standard database system and utilizes a fraction of conventional storage space.

Optimized data storage

AVEVA Historian combines front-end, high-speed data collection with time-series extensions to an embedded Microsoft SQL Server relational database. Additionally, our patented “swinging door” data storage algorithm greatly reduces data storage requirements while preserving data integrity

Advanced data storage and compression

Advanced data storage and compression combined with industry-standard query language provides easy, open access to all process, alarm and event data. This enables faster, more convenient, result oriented robust and more informed decisions while keeping everyone informed on operational performance.

Uncompromising data integrity

Regardless of your industry, AVEVA Historian will maintain the data integrity needed for the most demanding requirements. AVEVA Historian manages low bandwidth data communications, late coming information, and even data from systems with mismatched system clocks. Ensuring high resolution data is captured accurately every time.

Historian for any industry

Find out how you can gain immediate access to industry relevant data.

Make Sense of Your Industrial Data

Advanced data storage and compression combined with industry-standard query language provides easy, open access to all process, alarm, and event data. This enables faster, more accurate decisions while keeping everyone informed on operational performance.

Save money

Reduce data storage costs by more than 80 percent through ultra-efficient data storage algorithms.

Power query

Extract more value from legacy systems faster via proprietary, high-speed data acquisition and storage on a Microsoft SQL Server.

Scale safely

Apply to a single process, or grow to a large widely-distributed information management solution that serves dozens of sites and hundreds of users worldwide.


Interface via the industry leading AVEVA InTouch HMI for maximum return on your software.

Collect, validate, archive

Capture data from basic single-node sources or highly-distributed sources anywhere in the world. Apply built-in data validation procedures to ensure data accuracy. Preserve everything from short-term diagnostics to long- term records needed to support regulatory requirements.

Millions of data tags

AVEVA Historian’s ability to handle millions of tags provides plenty of capability to collect and store your vital process, alarm, and event data. Monitor a single process or an entire facility. Store data locally and aggregate at the enterprise level, fulfilling the most demanding analysis and reporting requirements.

Powerful data analytics software

AVEVA Historian enables you to leverage the true value of your data.

Advanced data retrieval modes

Built-in advanced data retrieval modes make your data report queries easier to build, more efficient, and more powerful. Eliminating multiple versions of plant operating data in this way increases productivity, reduces errors, and lowers operating costs. Easy self-service production and performance reporting improves planning and compliance. Modes include: time-in-state, slope, counter, cyclic and delta, interpolated, value state, and more.

Applications and reporting

Generating real-time and historical data charts and reports has never been easier.AVEVA Historian Client include multiple applications designed to maximize the value of data stored in AVEVA Historian. Access to plant and process data through easy-to-use interfaces facilitates troubleshooting, flags inefficiencies, and eliminates the time-consuming process of locating data. Applications include: trending, reporting, Excel add-in and query

Reporting and analysis tools

Being able to use data is just as important as storing it. AVEVA Historian covers all of your data analysis and reporting needs. Display AVEVA Historian data via AVEVA InTouch HMI, or analyze it with AVEVA Insight, Intelligence and Dream Report. Or use the desktop tools for viewing data trends and basic reports, putting near real-time and historical production details in the hands of operators, engineers, and operations managers

Data in the cloud

For customers wishing to host their AVEVA Historian architecture in the cloud, we also offer AVEVA Insight an industrial information management solution that enables data accessibility and analysis anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Whether you are looking to move your industrial data storage to the cloud as a managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, or to complement and extend existing on-premises investments with a hybrid cloud solution, AVEVA Insight is an affordable option.