AVEVA Point Cloud Manager

Cloud-Enabled 3D Data Management

A digital twin is only as good as the data that comprises it. To combat risk, industrial leaders enlist 3D data capture technology to maintain an accurate as-is condition of the asset as continuous change occurs throughout the asset and operations lifecycle.
Available on our secure cloud platform AVEVA™ Connect, AVEVA Point Cloud Manager manages massive amounts of 3D point cloud data by creating an accessible, detailed, and secure digital twin to enable data-rich value additions to brownfield, greenfield and maintenance projects. Ensure the digital and physical representations are aligned to help you make informed decisions, reduce project rework, and improve safety on your most critical assets.

AVEVA Point Cloud Manager Features

Align to best practice

Leverage the 3D model integration, built-in analytics and enhanced project status and construction work package visualization execute according to Advanced Work Packaging and Integrated Project Delivery best practices.

Construct sustainable projects

Execute your projects in the most sustainable way by tightening construction planning to optimize resources, reduce material and shipping waste.

Shorten timescales

Improve uptime by planning more efficient work schedules and reducing material delays. Predict and prevent problems and bottlenecks to further reduce project risk.

Improve project quality

Leverage advanced project monitoring and trusted data to enable greater control with regards to decision making and minimize errors and rework.

Optimize Materials Management

Augment your materials management approach by buying at the best price, optimizing availability, and minimizing waste and surpluses.

Leverage the cloud

Provide your global teams with a scalable, robust and reliable enterprise-wide or project-specific resource management solution on AVEVA Connect so they can deliver unified and integrated business processes in a globally shared environment.