Historian Client is a robust analysis and reporting software that taps into your Aveva Historian to put near real-time and historical production details in the hands of operators, engineers, and operations managers.

Generating real-time and historical data charts and reports has never been easier. Operators, engineers, and decision-makers can get an instant snapshot of what is happening during any industrial process. They can view and analyze reports and data trends on their desktop, laptop, or web browser; through applications such as Microsoft Office, InTouch HMI, or even through custom software clients.

Watch this webinar to learn how to create data analysis reports using the Trend application. SQL Queries through Query Application. We also went through the two Microsoft office plugins in word and excel that produced rich statistical data just in few clicks.

Moreover, in this webinar, we dived into the Dream Report, which is a reporting solution that produces rich PDF reports from simple tabular reports to highly graphical reports and dashboards.

It includes direct connectivity to process historians, any open relational database and understands the nature of the high-volume high-speed data in typical process historians

Dream report is an easy-to-use reporting solution; the reason for its quick learning curve is that it’s not a programming or scripting environment. It is a very scalable solution with many architectures available with a simple installation from a single node to enterprise-wide implementations.