AVEVA Workflow Management

Drive higher levels of productivity and collaboration across people and systems through digital workflow management

AVEVA Workflow Management

Digitally Transform Your Operational Processes


Digital Transformation of operational processes with a business process and advanced workflow management system enables better collaboration between people and automation systems. Consistency and automation of electronic workflows with detailed execution records offer significant operational efficiency improvement potential and reduces the cost of compliance. You can orchestrate processes across functional domains, including integrating connected plant assets and systems with business functions.

Achieve Process Excellence


Improve operational efficiency through enforcement of standard operational procedures (SOPs), and increase productivity through the digital collaboration of functional teams and related systems. Eliminate paper documents with electronic forms, and use improved information views to mitigate risks associated with manual processes and capture the knowledge of an aging workforce.


Process Efficiency Improvement


Increased Compliance to Mandates


Cost Reduction



Manufacturing Operations Transformation

Improved operational performance, optimal regulatory compliance, transparency across your supply chain, and increased plant-to- enterprise interoperability.

How Workflow Management Helps You


Digital workflow management encompasses everything from standard operating procedures and manufacturing execution processes to escalated responses to critical operating conditions and enables the standardization of best practices and operational business processes across your business.

Workflow Automation

Digital Workflow management helps to automate operational processes and to proliferate best practices, eliminating paperwork and manual error-prone procedures to effectively accomplish simple or complex tasks.

Notifications and easy-to-use data entry forms through multiple secure communication channels speed up task responses and decision making in mission-critical processes.

Continuous Process Improvement

Document and measure processes for continuous improvement opportunities with a model-driven approach. Empowers non-IT users and business stakeholders to visually compose processes, monitor and measure the performance, quickly improve processes, and adapt changes.

Workflows and Work Tasks on Mobile Devices

A platform-neutral Web interface and applications for mobile devices keep more of your mobile workforce connected with mission-critical processes. Workflow forms provide an automatic and responsive layout adoption and form previews for multiple mobile devices. The Work Tasks app empowers users who are on the move while ensuring their interactions with or without network connectivity. Work Tasks for iOS, Android and Windows offers enhanced enterprise mobility and collaboration among stakeholders.

Configurable Forms User Interface

The Workflow Forms Designer is a web-based design tool for creating complex layouts using smart controls. Its design-friendly canvas helps configure and sustain custom forms to collect and/or visualise data at a particular step in the process, including scripting for more advanced tasks and individual security applied to different fields, with electronic signature support. Automatic responsive layout adoption and form previews provide out-of-the-box support for desktop screens and multiple mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

Plant Connectivity and Enterprise Integration

Out of the box connectors for both industrial and business applications give you the flexibility to integrate your enterprise. It can also respond to events originating in MS SQL Server and Oracle databases, in XML messages, Web services and other generic interfaces. It integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office. Connectivity to automated production processes through System Platform, MES and APM integration and third party manufacturing operations applications allows for a true end-to-end operational process management and to standardize processes across industrial enterprises.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

The integrated business activity reporting and activity monitoring tools allow you to build customisable KPIs, conduct performance analysis, associate workflows with BAM events, and receive proactive alerts of Business Exceptions and KPIs. BAM includes a dashboard, which highlights both workflow status and workflow instances, for at-a-glance process management.