Edge to Enterprise

Why Edge to Enterprise?

Edge to Enterprise is here to deliver real-time results and better decision-making. You can find yourself in a streamlined working environment where you can transform hard data into company-wide, accessible visualization. It’s here to empower your organization to make smarter decisions and operate in real-time for SCADA, HMI, Supervisory, and IIoT.

Edge to Enterprise gives you the ability to connect, empower and transform your organization, whether it’s in the Food & Beverage Industry, Water & Wasterwater, or Smart City. 

Water & Wastewater Industry

AVEVA provides Water/Waste-Water utilities, solutions from Edge to Enterprise, helping them configure, operate, analyze, improve, and maintain their systems, using the most efficient engineering & contextualized compliance monitoring methods, allowing them to expand water availability to the general population at an affordable price.

Smart Cities

From smarter cities and greener buildings to efficient utilities and next-generation transport providers, the world’s leading infrastructure projects use AVEVA’s software empowered by Stratus availability solutions to solve their biggest challenges.

We will help you achieve:

  • Seamless integration between systems, sites, people, and assets.
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced energy cost.
  • Adherence to cybersecurity, safety, and regulatory compliance.
  • Exceeding expectations while delivering on service-level agreements.
  • Always-on systems with minimum downtime.

Food & Beverage Industry

Today’s Food and Beverage manufacturing facilities are held at stringent standards being met and regulated through automation. There is also consistent pressure from the competition to improve product nutrition, taste, and integrity while keeping pricing low and food safe.

AVEVA offers integrated software solutions that work in coordination with one another at every business level, from edge management to web-based HMI SCADA to the cloud. AVEVA’s Edge to Enterprise strategy offers native integration between every software in the portfolio.

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