The Wonderware Executives F1 Get-together

24th to 26th November 2017

Hosted by AITS and powered by Schneider Electric, the Wonderware Executives F1 Get-Together was a great opportunity to engage with leading System Integrators of the Wonderware Community in an informal setting.

During both the dinner and the Formula 1 event, we exchanged valued information and heard firsthand from our System Integrators, providing an important insight for us and our Wonderware Executives.

How We Did It…

Thanks to our dedicated System Integrators, we were able to gather from Saudi, Oman, Qatar, Iraq & UAE in one friendly event. And with the great support from Schneider Electric Team, we succeeded in delivering a close face to face meetings to hear from all our SIs In order to maximize the business benefits and honor the partnership we have in place.

This was the beginning of a unique series of gatherings we plan to keep rolling, to better serve our SI Community.


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