Accelerate Capital Project Delivery and Digital Twin Creation

Empower your teams and cut the time, cost, and risk of capital project engineering. Our solutions cover integrated process design, simulation, engineering, procurement, construction, and handover processes. Ensure your capital expenditure counts for more, projects are delivered on time, and plants can start up faster and safer.


Millions saved on project capital


Improved efficiency on 3D design


Saved on total installed costs


Reduction in time engineers spend looking for information

Our Engineering Solutions

Our engineering, procurement, and construction solutions are designed to bring bold thinking to life. At AVEVA, improving engineering efficiency is about elevating the industry and the people who make it work, unlocking the possibility for industrial processes.


Digital twin


Digital Transformation

Smart Cities

Manufacturing Execution System

Smart factory

AVEVA™ Unified Engineering

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Unified Project Execution

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Conceptual Design

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Front End Engineering and Design

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Detailed Engineering Design

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Procurement and Construction

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Operator Training

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Project Information Management

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Our Engineering Products

AVEVA™ Asset Information Management

AVEVA Asset Information Management a powerful Asset Information Management solution for engineering and operations. It brings together information from multiple sources and in multiple formats to enable users across your business to securely access, visualize, validate and collaborate on the Digital Twin data.

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AVEVA™ Engineering

AVEVA Engineering enables multi-discipline teams of engineers to work effectively together to develop and maintain the detailed definition of all the key engineering items involved in plant or marine projects.

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AVEVA™ E3D Design

Formerly Known As AVEVA Everything 3D

The most advanced and powerful 3D design solution, enabling clash-free multi-discipline design to maximize engineering and design efficiency.

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AVEVA™ Enterprise Resource Management

Formerly Known As AVEVA ERM

AVEVA™ Enterprise Resource Management supports the entire capital project construction design and delivery process with best-in-class 3D model integration, reporting, and visualization to create insights and efficiencies throughout.

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AVEVA™ P&ID and AVEVA™ Diagrams

Intelligent, graphical, data-driven P&ID design applications that can be used as a stand-alone application or as a fully integrated key part of the AVEVA Unified Engineering suite.

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AVEVA™ Point Cloud Manager

Formerly Known As AVEVA LFM

AVEVA’s 3D Data Capture solution for registering, processing and visualizing point cloud, 3D model data across the asset life cycle on brownfield, greenfield and maintenance projects.

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AVEVA PRO/II Simulation – The Trusted Steady-State Process Simulator

Formerly Known As PRO/II Process Engineering

A simulator that optimizes plant performance improves your process design and operational analysis by performing engineering studies.

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AVEVA™ Process Simulation

Formerly Known As SimCentral Simulation Platform

AVEVA Process Simulation is designed from the ground up to enable the next generation of engineers and deliver the process side of the Digital Twin.

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