From smarter cities and greener buildings to efficient utilities and next-generation transport providers, the world’s leading infrastructure projects use AVEVA’s software empowered by Stratus availability solutions to solve their biggest challenges.
We will help you achieve:

  • Seamless integration between systems, sites, people, and assets.
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced energy cost.
  • Adherence to cybersecurity, safety, and regulatory compliance.
  • Exceeding expectations while delivering on service-level agreements.
  • Always-on systems with minimum downtime.

Enable Intelligent Systems and Agile Workforces

Explore how cities operators are able to deliver safer and more reliable services through the digital transformation of existing and new infrastructure with an Edge to Enterprise strategy that offers them the ability to:

  • Make faster, more informed decisions.
  • Speed crisis response.
  • Reduce energy and operational costs.
  • Empower the workforce to be more mobile, effective, and efficient.
  • Eliminate downtime and keep their systems always-On.

The Full Scope of Edge to Enterprise Capabilities

Download our brochure to explore the solutions that help you scale from remote management and control of edge devices to HMI, SCADA, and integration with enterprise systems in smart cities.
Our comprehensive portfolio for Smart Cities is:

  1. Flexible – Platform agnostic software enables the aggregation of previously inaccessible data from disparate data streams into one source of information.
  2. Integrated – Only AVEVA offers integrated software solutions that scale from the control of edge devices and applications to HMI/SCADA and enterprise-level visibility of data.
  3. Highly Visible – Collect data from all areas of the business and visualize it in the cloud, where AI and Machine Learning can add context and enable rapid decision making.
  4. Always-on – Stratus offers a simple, fail-proof, and cost-effective way to deploy and maintain your highly available, virtualized applications.

Edge Computing will power the Smart Cities of tomorrow

Edge Computing platforms from Stratus incorporate a redundant architecture to maximize application ability, provide fault-tolerance and minimize interruptions caused by a single point of failure.
Infrastructure and other organizations globally have been deploying Stratus Edge Computing platforms for many decades already to improve business processes and enable real-time decision making while improving security and reducing costs.

AVEVA & Stratus Empowering Smart Cities Operators

Join AITS & Stratus for a live webinar to explore the benefits of adopting an Edge to Enterprise approach for your smart city projects and how it helps you empowering the operators with a holistic view in order to make faster and smarter decisions.

Duration: One Hour

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