Globally, water utilities have been facing a profusion of challenges, including rising water demands & energy costs, shrinking resources, and aging infrastructure; Therefore, its operations have to be as efficient and economical as possible.

Today, the leading water and waste-water utilities are using an edge-to-enterprise approach – unifying their data and tools and making them accessible to the entire data set, be it live feeds on asset operations and processes (the edge) with people management or financial and business goals (enterprise) information. This unified, organized, contextualized approach to data management enables better system design, giving the teams new levels of clarity and efficiency and to make better decisions and drive higher productivity and increased revenue.


AVEVA is the only industrial automation software solution provider that can provide everything from edge computing & analytics, to complete edge device monitoring, control & management at the HMI, SCADA, and Enterprise levels.

AVEVA provides Water/Waste-Water utilities, solutions from Edge to Enterprise, helping them to configure, operate, analyze, improve and maintain their systems, using the most efficient methods of engineering & contextualized compliance monitoring allowing them to expand water availability to the general population at an affordable price.

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