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Today’s Food and Beverage manufacturing facilities are held at extremely strict standards that are being met and regulated through automation. There is also consistent pressure from the competition to improve product nutrition, taste, and integrity – all while keeping pricing low and food safe.
AVEVA offers integrated software solutions that work in coordination with one another at every level of the business, from edge management to web-based HMI SCADA to the cloud. AVEVA’s Edge to Enterprise strategy offers native integration between every software in the portfolio.


As a recognized leader in smart manufacturing, AVEVA works with 23 of the top 25 food and beverage manufacturers to use Industry 4.0 technologies to transform their businesses and enable operational improvements, maximize return on capital investments, and increase profitability.​

Edge to Enterprise represents an infinite range of possibilities that can help you to best manage your operations. Each component of an Edge to Enterprise solution, from IIoT architectures and cloud-drive remote edge management to multi-site control, is an integral part of your operations. However, it is the integration of these parts and how easy they can work together that creates a holistic solution that improves visibility, decision making, and reaction times to give you the confidence to operate for the future.

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Success Story


Almarai is the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy company and the Middle East’s biggest F&B manufacturer.
They maintain a huge range of dairy, fresh juices, bakery, poultry, and infant formula, all of which must be produced safely and delivered fresh to the market.
Different sites are responsible for different SKUs, but all products undergo final pre-distribution checks at a consolidation facility. Yet with no real-time insight into their various production operations, the team faced difficulties managing and optimizing across the supply chain.
With AVEVA’s Manufacturing Execution System, team leaders now benefit from real-time oversight of filling and packaging performance.

  • Digitalizing Manufacturing Operations at the largest integrated dairy in the Middle East region.
  • Powering better decision making with real-time visibility of plant data.
  • Enabling remote visibility for plant workers with minimal staff required on-site.

The result? Better decisions, an optimized supply chain, and the capacity to produce more food, more efficiently, for people across the region.

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