Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

End-to-end efficient workflows from a single data-centric platform to increase collaboration and generate high quality deliverables

Optimize FEED workflows to minimize risk and delays


Deliver Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), or Front-End Loading (FEL) Projects with greater maturity and accuracy to improve your project’s economic and change order performance by optimizing the workflows for your discipline engineers. AVEVA’s Unified Engineering solutions enable all discipline engineers to work on a single, data-centric platform in the Cloud or on-premise.

Automated workflows flags changes made by other disciplines, whether it is new temperature values in the process, new equipment sizes, or pipe dimensions, and can be validated with other disciplines easily. This allows you to cut your usual Basic Engineering times by up to 50% so that you can spend time creating higher quality deliverables and reduce the risk of project schedule delay and cost overruns to the EPC contract.

Single data-centric cloud platform

Collaborate across multi-discipline teams from a single platform in the cloud

Optimized and automated workflows

Optimize workflows for your discipline engineers and validate changes in real-time

Eliminate errors

Changes made during a project are instantaneously visible to all engineering disciplines therefore reducing error and rework

Save time and cost

End-to-end workflows increase efficiency to deliver mature deliverables that reduces rework, saving time and cost

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