In one of the leading cities and early adopters of the latest Smart City technologies in Saudi Arabia, and aligned with its economic development strategy and vision, the Municipality decided to control and monitor their entire stormwater management system. Their objective is to ensure high operational efficiency of their tunnel management while exercising the highest safety measures. They maintain a diverse network of operations, control pump pressure, and scheduled timing.

The challenge:

The fact of having different proprietary technologies and PLCs at different stations required an open solution that can interface with countless hardware control, edge devices, and different monitoring systems; the integration of everything into a unified platform with intelligence and analytics to manage the complete infrastructure became the key challenge.


The Solution:

The customer chose the world’s leading and scalable solution for supervisory control and data acquisition, AVEVA System Platform, for their stormwater system in 44 different pumping stations distributed across the city.

The implemented solution offered the customer a simple Human Machine Interface to remotely monitor and control the overall system operations in real-time; it includes monitoring the water levels and controlling the gates before, during, and after tropical storms and leads to insights for smart decision making at the right time. Moreover, the customer is now able to forecast floods and create proactive flood progressing models. The fully integrated solution from AVEVA is a major success.

The system architecture constituted of:

  • System platform
  • Historian
  • Supervisory Client
  • Reporting system