Unified Project Execution

CAPEX Project Delivery, Simplified

According to McKinsey, 98% of CAPEX projects are delivered late and 8 of 10 are over budget. Meanwhile, materials costs make up 40% of the average major project.

AVEVA’s Unified Project Execution approach forms a layer of risk protection around your project via enhanced process governance, best-in-class change management, and data-centric construction planning and execution. Connect decision makers with software designed for capital project execution to help you deliver on-time and on-budget, even on the most challenging projects.


Savings on $1B Total Project Costs


Enterprise Resource Management CAPEX savings


Contract Risk Management CAPEX savings


3D Laser Scan Data CAPEX savings

AVEVA creates opportunity for different project outcomes, no matter the complexity.

Reduce Material Costs

Lower your material costs by purchasing the right materials at the right price to minimise stockholding, waste and surpluses.

Shorten Timescales

Shorten timescales by predicting and preventing problems and bottlenecks, planning more efficiently and avoiding material shortage delays.

Optimize Resources

Lower your construction costs by using more efficient, integrated working processes and optimising your resource use and materials availability.

Reduce Time to Find Accurate Project Information

Manage your evolving engineering data effectively on a single, datacentric, platform with accurate, up to-date information accessible in minutes rather than hours.

Increase Awareness of Project Status

Use 3D visualisation to keep-up-to-date with project deliverables, the overall status of the project and any potential bottlenecks.

Minimise Contracts and Obligations Risk

Identify the impact of potential change quickly allows time for scrutiny and to mitigate the risk of unnecessary changes.

AVEVA Contract Risk Management

Mitigate project risk by connecting project teams, obligations and status together to streamline execution and execute on-time, and on-budget capital projects.

AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management

Enable efficient planning and execution of all resources at every stage of construction of a complex, intensive asset.

AVEVA Point Cloud Manager

Capture the 3D baseline of your existing brownfield asset in a simple, accessible and secure workflow with AVEVA LFM.