Value Chain Optimization

What is Value Chain Optimization?


Industrial operations have become more global and vertically integrated driven by market volatility, competitive pressures and demand fluctuations. Operators and manufacturers continue to look for ways to remain competitive and drive profitability whether through operational efficiency or taking cost out. AVEVA delivers end-to-end value chain optimization that help you to redefine your processes, enable deeper collaboration, reduce value leaks, sustain productivity and innovation and ultimately make better and more robust decisions quicker across your operations lifecycle. Translated into economic value we can help you exceed your operational goals, be it reducing refining costs by up to $0.70/barrel for Refining or improving productivity by 20% in a F&B/CPG processing plant.

We work with over 400 refinery/petrochemical sites around the world, over 100 mining and metals sites and over 900 Food and Beverage (F&B) and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturing sites worldwide.

AVEVA’s Unified Project Execution approach forms a layer of risk protection around your project via enhanced process governance, best-in-class change management, and data-centric construction planning and execution. Connect decision makers with software designed for capital project execution to help you deliver on-time and on-budget, even on the most challenging projects.


Improvement in Blend Management


Improvement in Blend Management


Improvement in energy consumption


OEE Improvement

Optimize your operations safely and profitability across your global value chain

AVEVA is combining Cloud technology and Digital Twin innovations with analytics to enable Value Chain Optimization across your operations. We work with companies across many industries and bring our trusted experience and industry focused solutions that help you remove value leaks and drive profitability across your value chain.

Reduce Material Costs

Lower your material costs by purchasing the right materials at the right price to minimise stockholding, waste and surpluses.

Shorten Timescales

Shorten timescales by predicting and preventing problems and bottlenecks, planning more efficiently and avoiding material shortage delays.

Optimize Resources

Lower your construction costs by using more efficient, integrated working processes and optimising your resource use and materials availability.


O&G Downstream

Operators are continuously balancing between social responsibility, environmental compliance and profitability. From long term planning to real-time optimization, the opportunity to have impact across the value chain is significant. AVEVA works with you to help ensure safe operations and at the same time find the best utilization for your feedstock, ensure the resulting production plan matches the real plant optimum and reduce the gap between planning and scheduling and actual refinery operations.



AVEVA works to maximize yield, throughput and energy savings with a single 360° digital twin for operations. We work with you to help ensure safe operations, reliable planning & scheduling and at the same time find the best utilization for your feedstock, enhancing collaboration across the enterprise. This helps you to actively drive value and sustainability to continuously improve manufacturing, provide more flexible and agile production capabilities and reduce energy and emissions whether through olefins, including ethylene or propylene, or aromatics production, like benzene or toluene isomers.


Mining, Metals and Materials

AVEVA helps mining companies regain visibility and maximize profits with a transformative approach to production and value chain optimization. Enterprise applications across supply chain activities enable better decision making through transparency, interactivity and analytics. Across the value chain, we make adopting Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) principles easier for operators enabling production and inventory control, asset utilization and energy consumption, and continuous improvement.


Batch/Hybrid Industries including F&B, CPG and Specialty Chemicals

With ever-changing taste preferences, consumers are constantly expecting new product variety while at the same time manufacturers are challenged to engage consumers brand confidence and safeguard product quality and safety. AVEVA enables manufacturers to improve productivity (OEE), reduce costs, and provide the agility and traceability with a manufacturing execution system that supports the needs of Food and Beverage and CPG companies to deliver to their brand promise.


Water Utilities

Ageing infrastructure, capital budget restrictions, tighter environmental policies and dynamic security concerns strain the ability of infrastructure operators to meet the service levels expected by their customers. AVEVA helps water utilities both operate and optimize their networks helping to reduce operation and energy costs associated with water distribution and providing insight into the impact of future planned and unplanned events helping drive decision making.